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Up to RM 600,000 worth of Cradle Grant available*
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THE MYStartup Accelerator Programme aims to help early-stage startups and scaleups to achieve growth by leveraging on mentors and investors who have found success. This programme potentially offers investments of up to RM1 million and grants up to RM600,000 per startup. Through this programme, the startups are available to validate and grow revenues with the support of top mentors and corporates to expand on a regional and global scale via the regional programme partners.

Who should apply for the MYStartup Accelerator Programme?

Incorporated In Malaysia 

Scalable technology startup business

MVP or Revenue Generating

Looking to expand
regionally or globally

Why join the MYStartup Accelerator Programme?

As part of the programme, startups will be able to enjoy benefits aimed at supporting the startups to expand and achieve growth

Benefit and Resources

Up to RM 2 million partner benefit and resources

Potential Investment

Potential investment of up to RM250,000

Potential Follow On Funding

Potential follow on funding of up to RM 1 million with programme partner

Connect with Corporate Partners

Connect with our programme partner’s database of 80+ corporate partners

Demo Day

Selected startups get the opportunity to deliver their culminating pitch at the end of the programme. It gives startups a chance to pitch for investment and an exclusive opportunity to network with exclusive investors and corporates.

Opportunities beyond Demo Day

Follow On Funding Opportunities

Selected startups will have opportunities to receive potential funding of up to RM 1 million with our programme partner and/or angel investors

Grant Opportunities

Qualified startups will have opportunities to receive potential grants of up to RM 600,000 from Cradle

Pilot Opportunities with Corporate Partners

Selected startups have opportunities to match with corporates in the related field with potential outcomes of acquisition, investments and digital transformation

Immersion Programme*

A 4D3N Programme that for selected startups to experience first hand exposure to the regional startup scene, and a deeper understanding on how business is conducted in the local market
*subject to changes

Committed Mentors That Will Potentially Invest In Your Startup

The MYStartup Accelerator programme is supported by NEXEA's mentors that are ex-entrepreneurs, CEOs, and industry-leading experts. 

These mentors are also Angel Investors, hence, we call them Investor-Mentors.

Instead of paid mentoring or mentoring-for-equity, the programme only accept investors that has the background and net worth to be able to share real experiences and invest in startups they believe in

Up to RM 2,000,000 in Benefits for Programme Participants

The MYStartup Accelerator Programme offers a variety of benefits to its startups, 
the programme is partnered with top providers so you can utilise the benefits for your startups. 
Typically, each startup utilises benefits worth up to RM400,000.
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Get multiple investment rounds for your startup

Startup fund of up to RM250,000 and follow-on funding of up to RM1,000,000

Get the right Investors to back you up, so you can focus on scaling your startup growth.

Startups in the past have gotten 3-5 consecutive investment rounds from the programme’s investors.
Startup Investment Details

Work with Corporate Partners

Potentially match & work with 80+ Corporate Partners that wants to be your customer and partner with you, invest in your startup and potentially acquire your startup

As Customers

Work with Corporate Partners that are interested in testing out new digitalisation services

As Partners

Work with Corporate Partners that are interested in partnering with startups to generate new revenue

As Investors/Acquirers

Work with Corporate Partners that are interested in investing even acquiring startups for new business models and revenue

Programme Masterclasses

Market Expansion

Expand into new channels by focusing on brand growth and regional market expansion

Digital Marketing

Understanding digital marketing channels, content creation and understanding of marketing algorithm

Financial Modelling And Valuation 

Build cash flow model type of valuation approach

Corporate Engagement Series

Learn how to approach Corporate Partners by working with actual Corporate Partners

Growth Marketing (Sales)

Improve product market fit by learning comparative Analysis, MVP & USP user journey and metrics

VC Engagement Series

Learn how to approach Venture Capitals, Fundraising and working with Venture Capitals


Feb 2023
1. Orientation Day 
2. Mentoring and Masterclass
Mar 2023
1. Mentoring and Masterclass
April 2023
1. Mentoring and Masterclass
2. Mid Checkpoint Day
May 2022
1. Mentoring and Masterclass
June 2023
1. Mentoring and Masterclass
2. Final Checkpoint Day
July 2023
1. Demo Day
2. Corporate Pilot Opportunities
August 2023
1. Investment Opportunities 
2. Corporate Pilot Opportunities 
3. Immersion Programme 

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