Lokalise Worth $2400

Website http://lokalise.co

6 months free use of Lokalise

Have you considered localizing your app or web, and offering your product in several languages? Most probably you thought that it was a boring routine, irrelevant for now and you would be better off postponing it till later. What if localizing your product NOW would be fun, saving your time (coding and other), and improving your offer to the market right away?

Our experience shows that starting with teams of 2 and up to 10s, 100s or bigger, a collaborative localization and translation tool like ours brings a lot of value even for management of a single language, e.g. English or French. You’d be following the way of Revolut, Bayer, ING Bank, Vodafone and Shopify save pricy hours of your devs and PMs on localization-related

Small and big teams in Lokalise use multi-platform keys and projects (web, iOS, Android, etc.),
in-context web and mobile editors, automatic screenshot linking, GitHub, Sketch and other integrations, over-the-air text string updates bypassing Apple Appstore and Google Play in order to optimize wording and finish translations without a need to make a new version of the app, and much more.

The earlier you start, the easier it is, that is why we have decided to make a no-risk and free-to-take offer:

Startups ill be able to use all of the existing and coming features in Lokalise for free during the first 6 months.

Yes, there is a live in-web support chat available for members of your team 7am-9pm Mo-Fr . Feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, send screenshots, files and pieces of your code for validation and exchange animated gifs with us to stay entertained.

After 6 months you can decide to continue using Lokalise on a free or paid plan (paid plans start at $40/mo) .