Frequently Asked Questions


No, there are no joining or participation fees for startups to join this accelerator programme.

By joining the programme, your startup has the chance of being selected for an investment during the programme which requires commitment as well as a series of follow on investments afterwards which are optional.

  • The Corporate Accelerator Programme typically runs for 5 months starting from September and ends in January the following year. 
  • The first month includes orientation for selected startups, mentorships sessions, various workshops and pilot marketing. 
  • In October, we will run the final selection to pick out Top 20 to Top 5 startups while continuing our mentoring sessions in both November and December as well. 
  • In January, the final month of the Corporate Accelerator Programme, we will run prep week and demo day where there will be a final presentation with Corporates and Investors & Media.
  • The programme includes workshops, sharing sessions by high-growth Startups, and mentoring by Angel Investors / ex-entrepreneurs. 
  • Most of the days, you will still be working on your business as that should be the focus, always. This programme is designed for Startups that are serious about growing sales.
  • The programme focuses on practical takeaways for entrepreneurs to be able to immediately apply to their businesses. It also has a longer-term focus of mentors guiding you to stay on track with your goals.

Startups graduating will be given opportunities for follow-on funding at the end of the program. For startups that did not make it through the Corporate Accelerator, they can always apply for funding through our Startup Fund.

This depends on the niche target markets of the Startups, and if the market sizes are big enough. We try as hard as possible to avoid situations where our Startups compete unless there are remedies. Because we have many investors, we are also able to find different investors to make the investment instead.

As the time commitment for our Corporate Program is minimal, Startups are expected to participate in all of the workshops/mentorship/Entrepreneurs Programme meetings as well as the submission of documents/information throughout the program to ensure it is run efficiently

  • Startups will be able to pitch to Angel Investors at the end of the Corporate Accelerator Program through Demo Day.
  • Funding is at the discretion of the interest of the Investors.
  • There are 4 main criteria to participate in our Corporate Accelerator Programme. 
  • Firstly, this programme is reserved for technology startups with a scalable nature. Your business model should be scalable and able to grow exponentially in the long term, hence, a conservative business idea is not encouraged. 
  • Secondly, there needs to be a disruptive nature and the solution provided should be 10x better (figuratively) than the current marketed solution. 
  • Thirdly, your startup should have the potential to scale to more than 100M in revenues in the span of 5-10 years. 
  • Lastly, we only accept Malaysia based companies for mentoring purposes as the majority of the team is local. 
  • Based on our past records, NEXEA has successfully matched hundreds of startups to Corporates and helped forge meaningful relationships using our startups' fundamental methodology.
  • By joining our programme, you get to benefit from mentorship, Follow-on funding, Startup Benefits and Expert access. 
  • For growth to scaling stage companies, we offer up to RM250,000, up to RM2,000,000 in benefits, true investor-mentors, potential future funding, and many more. 
  • For ideas to early revenue stage companies, we offer a fixed RM50,000, up to RM2,000,000 in benefits, true investor-mentors, and potential future funding.
  • It is a programme designed to help early startups with growth scaleups in order to achieve explosive growth by leveraging our best investors, corporates and support partners in Malaysia. 
  • With proven track records and multiple successful rounds of Accelerator Programmes, you can rest assured that we are confident and good with what we do.
  • For growth to scaling stage companies, we offer up to RM250,000, up to RM2,000,000 in benefits, true investor-mentors, potential future funding, and everything else the programme offers in exchange for 0.05% to 8% equity (negotiated). 
  • For ideas to early revenue stage companies, we offer a fixed RM50,000, up to RM2,000,000 in benefits, true investor-mentors, potential future funding, and many more in exchange for 8% equity.
  • During our Corporate Accelerator Program, Startups will compete for the Top 5 positions among other startups. 
  • Startups that have successfully made it to these Top 5 positions are eligible for RM50,000 to RM250,000 of funding. 
  • Startups will also be considered for higher chances of follow-on funding from NEXEA for investments from RM200,000 to RM1,000,000.
  • Startups can generally expect an investment of around RM50,000 - RM250,000 of funding for those that have made it to the second phase of the Accelerator Program.
  • The top 5 companies selected after the final round have a higher chance of getting commercial partnerships with Corporates at their discretion after the programme ends.
  • Startups will continue to receive mentorship, Follow-on funding, Startup Benefits and Expert access. Startups will still be able to contact their mentors and our in-house experts even after the program has ended. Our longest Startup-mentor relationship, thus far, is 5 years and still growing. 
  • Startups will also be able to access benefits up to RM2,000,000 at any time given they are still eligible. Startups will also be considered for higher chances of follow-on funding from NEXEA for investments from RM200,000 to RM1,000,000. 
  • From the record, we have funded Startups up to RM7,800,000 per round thus far.
  • Corporates join to achieve Corporate Innovation goals. The programme helps Corporates in building internal innovation and investment capabilities, boosts Startup deal flow, digitising internal processes, finding new revenue streams, and working with industry disruptors.
  • The above is done via the Startup Matching methodology, workshops, panel discussions, Fireside chats, mentoring sessions, pilot projects, technical guidance, and more.
  • Throughout the Corporate Accelerator Programme, we run events where corporates can interact with Startups, Investors, Venture Capitalists, Funds, other Corporate VCs, and other Startup Ecosystem Partners.


Rest assured, we have got you covered. Do contact us via the Contact Page.

It is natural to have doubts over the issue of intellectual property, however, we do not engage ourselves in such a manner. NEXEA is a reputable Startup investment company and has been operating and supporting Startups since 2015. We are proudly Startup friendly.

Unfortunately, we are currently only looking for startups that are based in Malaysia as to ensure more direct contact with our mentors. 

Yes, solo founders are more than welcome to apply.

We are actively and solely looking for startups in the technology sector. Unfortunately, if your line of business does not overlap with the technology sector, we are unable to move forward with your application.

Yes, Startups participating in another programme do not affect their eligibility. Although we do not recommend startups participating in two programmes at the same time, startups are more than welcome to apply to Corporate Accelerator. 

Yes, we advise startups to check with their investors/shareholders prior to joining the Corporate Accelerator to ensure that all parties’ interests are being looked after.

  • We have a rigorous process to find strong Startups - which we do by working with and mentoring Startups. In doing so, we are able to figure out what makes your Startups work, what your dynamics are, and how we can support you further.
  • Startups are picked for their Startup Fundamentals. This includes factors like the team, market, business model, and more.

Startups will be notified after the screening process has taken place at the end of July and invitations for interviews will be sent out soon after to successful applicants. 

  • Application begins on 1 June 2021
  • All applications will be screened from mid-June onwards and selected candidates will be invited for an interview beginning August which includes a 5-minute pitch of your startup. 

Three stages of the Corporate Accelerator Program 2021:

  • Application Process (Closes 31 July 2021): 
  1. Start-ups can apply until the 31 July 2021
  2. 20 start-ups will be selected and will participate in a two-month pre-accelerator via emails and interviews.
  • 1-Month Pre-Accelerator 
  1. The 20 selected start-ups will go through a rigorous basic program where they will receive mentoring, consultancy, cloud credits and more
  2. During the mini demo day, the 20 start-ups will pitch to an audience of Angel Investors, Family Offices and Corporates.
  3. A Top 5 will be selected out of the Top 20 startups to take part in the 3 months Corporate Accelerator Program 2021.
  • 3-Month Accelerator 
  1. The Top 5 startups will receive RM50,000 to RM250,000 in investment (depending on stage), mentorship, support from our corporate partners, worth more than RM2,000,000 in total.
  2. Get access to potential pilot testing opportunities.
  3. Demo Day - Pitch in front of an audience of investors and corporates, to potentially secure further rounds of funding and/or corporate pilot projects. There will also be opportunities with the media.
  • Post-Accelerator
  1. Continue to receive mentoring & support from us & our partners
  2. Keep in touch for follow-on funding & introductions to Corporates, VCs, family offices, and Angel Investors.

Yes, we accept companies at the ideation stage and encourage you to apply, however, this program is highly competitive, and we receive a large number of applications. It would be helpful if you highlight 1-3 things where you can show us that you have something as close as possible to revenue traction. It can be a huge potential client, a strong team, or even strong pre-orders, for example.

  • Great news! It costs absolutely nothing to join our programme.  
  • The Corporate Accelerator is free for all Startups. We do, however, make investments into Startups that are chosen to be in the Top 5 of the programme. Visit the Investments section to find out more.