Corporate Accelerator for Startups

For Startups: Get Support and Funding From Successful Mentors And Work With Corporates

Corporate Accelerator Program Application Requirements

Startup funding is reserved for technology Startups that meet our Startup Fundamentals criteria. Below is a rough guideline for entrepreneurs to figure out if they are a good match. These are merely guidelines, so feel free to ask us if you are unsure.

Scalable Tech Startup

Your business model should be scalable to be able to grow exponentially in the long term (we do not accept traditional businesses)

Disruptive Nature

Your solution should be 10x better (figuratively) than the current best solution in the market to allow for disruption

Market Size

Your Startup should have the potential to scale to more than 100M in Revenues minimum in a span of 5 to 10 years

Based in Malaysia

For mentoring purposes, we only accept Malaysia based companies where a majority of the team is local
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We Target To Open Applications By Mid 2022

Startup Accelerator Program Breakdown

This Startup Accelerator in Malaysia is unique as it is not a regimented mass-education model Accelerator Program. We focus on few Startups that we believe we can create additional value with our successful mentors.

Application Open

1 June 2021

Application Close

31 July 2021

Filtering Process

August 2021

2 Months Pre-Accelerator

September 2021

3 Months Accelerator

October 2021 - January 2022

The Corporate Accelerator Deal

Equity For Mentors, Partners, Experts, and Cash

The Startup Accelerator provides Startups with millions worth of Partner Benefits, RM50,000 to RM250,000 Cash and Mentorship during the program in exchange for Equity. We also provide up to RM1,000,000 in follow-on investments after the Accelerator programme ends.

This was decided as a solution to the complexity in agreeing on the valuation of idea-stage Startups so that we can get on with building great companies.

It also acts as a transparent idea-stage funding deal for all our Accelerator Startups

2 + 3 Month Personalised Accelerator Program

We guide Startups through a 2 + 3 month program with the goal that most Startups will be able to raise funds at the end of the program.

This is done by improving traction, strategy, and the other fundamentals of a Startup with the guidance of mentors and experts. We also have a strong focus on validating the market, product and revenue of the startup.

Improving these attributes of any Startup sends the right signals for any Investor to be very interested in your Startup.

Real mentors

Our Startup accelerator mentors are real businessmen that have exit/sold their business or currently run a public listed company. Most of them have experienced running a company from scratch to finish. Our mentors are also Angel Investors in Malaysia, so we are able to provide the best insights from the investment community.

Our mentors provide Startups with a network of CEO-level connections across Malaysia, huge knowledge & experience base, and intense, dedicated mentoring sessions

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We Target To Open Applications By Mid 2022